Our concept Our concept

Our concept

Drehmoment has grown and flourished organically with its client based
body since its inception. We are evolving our concept as we grow.


We see you! Individual support within the supportive community.


Cultivating movement culture beyond training. Inspire your body-mind!


A health-oriented philosophy, so you can lead a long active lifestyle.

Our offerings

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Sensual Dance

Sensual Dance

Sensuality means feeling yourself and the world with all your senses. It is not limited to eroticism and sexuality, but is rather a highly natural, often lost intuitive sense of self. Sensual Pole has acted as a catalyst of liberation for many of us.

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Pole Dance

Pole Dance

Nothing compares to using a piece of stainless steel rod as a dance partner. The perfect fusion of dance, acrobatics and top athletic performances, all in the most playful way. Pole dance can be anything you make it.

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Movement is the language we all understand. At Drehmoment, we cultivate holistic training for body and mind fluency. Backed by expertise in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, as well as breathing and body therapies.

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This is what we stand for!

Since the founding of Drehmoment in 2016, we have stood for an approach to pole dancing that aim at opening the gates to the vast world of dance, movement culture, and art. Pole stands for self-realisation, passion, feeling comfortable in your own skin, self-confidence, joy, vitality, and a means of expression when words fall short. We set great value on the development of individual strength, both externally and internally.


We prioritize individual support and program optimization. Personal contact, a welcoming atmosphere, and ongoing feedback are a standard. Escape the pressures of everyday life.


You are sincerely welcome with us if you share our inclusive, respectful, and humanistic worldview. We see you, beyond origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, or age.


Viewing bodies holistically, as biosystems, our well-founded training methods strengthen both body and mind, ensuring sustainable health and leaving you more content.


We appreciate you, and take your business seriously! Alisa and all guest teachers we invite are highly educated, internationally trained names in the industry. At Drehmoment, you can expect state-of-the-art teaching.


People are profoundly creative beings. We challenge and nurture creativity from the start to unlock your untapped creative potential. Let’s redefine your comfort zone and gently, but consistently expand it.


We especially love the unique versatility that pole dance offers us. We would like you to explore the vast world of pole and, with sustainable techniques, understand how to navigate it best.